VMware SD-WAN VeloCloud

SD-WAN by VeloCloud


Simplify your enterprise branch WAN

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud provides branch offices with high-performance, reliable access to cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS-based enterprise applications.

WAN Features

Bandwidth expansion support

Economically augment bandwidth by merging various WAN links, offering quick adaptation to the demands of individual application traffic.

Optimized Connectivity

Leverage cloud orchestration and data plane capabilities for direct and enhanced access to both cloud-based and on-premises resources.

Virtualized Services Support

Host a multitude of virtualized network functions on SD-WAN platforms, phasing out single-purpose devices and diminishing IT complexity at branch offices.

Branch Office Deployment Automation

Accelerate branch office rollouts with cloudbased SD-WAN Edge activation. Bid farewell to link-specific and location-specific configurations thanks to automatic WAN line discovery and monitoring.

Features of SD- WAN

WAN Performance and Reliability

Experience a hybrid WAN that delivers performance and reliability, with transport options that afford you the choice of vendors for optimum application performance, crucial for latency-sensitive services like voice and video.

Virtual Service Platform

Condense your branch office infrastructure with a unified platform.SD-WAN by VeloCloud facilitates the swift integration and management of virtualized services both on-site and in the cloud.

Cloud Network

Avoid data center backhaul drawbacks with a cloud-adaptive network that offers a streamlined, direct route to both public and private enterprise clouds.

Automation and Orchestration

Centralize your monitoring and control with cloud-based tools for automatic updates to business policies and firmware, real-time link performance, and capacity analytics, all while enabling zero-touch branch office deployments.