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DB2 - Product Overview

IBM® DB2® for Linux®, UNIX® 및 Microsoft® Windows®is a versatile database software suite utilized for transactional and analytical workloads across both on-premises and cloud landscapes.It provides perpetual data availability, extensive scalability, groundbreaking in-memory performance, and versatile deployment options, enhancing the capacity for swift innovation and establishing a competitive edge in next-gen applications.

Actionable Insights

Harness the temporal value of your data with elevated in-memory processing capabilities.

Continuous Availability

Maintain uninterrupted access to enterprise data, bolstering customer satisfaction.

Massive Scalability

Effortlessly scale your business operations without being limited by underlying technology infrastructure.

Forward-Thinking Potential

Secure a competitive advantage by pioneering innovations and optimizing your on-premises and cloud deployments.

DB2 - Product Features

IBM DB2 proffers premier performance, adaptability, expandability, and steadfastness for entities across the spectrum.

As the inaugural commercial RDBMS launched in 1983, DB2 has consistently led the charge in commercializing cutting-edge technological advancements with ongoing and dedicated investment. DB2 not only fulfills the essential functions of a high-performance and high-availability server but also encapsulates emerging IT imperatives such as autonomic computing, grid computing, virtualization, and Information Integration, facilitating the construction of cost-effective, optimal systems.

IBM BLU Acceleration

This avant-garde in-memory technology furnishes actionable insights while delivering exceptional performance breakthroughs. Endorsed by SAP, this technology augments performance within SAP ecosystems while economizing on resources.Effortlessly integrated with DB2.

Storage Optimization

Substantially reduce disk space and infrastructure demands by applying transparent data compression.In addition, experience performance improvements, reduction in query times, and a marked decrease in energy consumption due to compression.


Facilitates a transformative approach to the economics of non-stop data availability Tailored for business processes that demand robust availability for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems to meet stringent market requisites.

SQL Compatibility

Oracle®Drastically diminish the risk and expense associated with migrating legacy applications from Oracle Database to DB2.Take advantage of features such as integrated security and encryption, automated operations, potent compression, and IBM® pureXML®.®pureXML®Capitalize on established expertise for a seamless and expedited migration process from the Oracle Database.

DB2 - Product Features

IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition

Exploit integrated tech like refined database storage solutions and columnar storage, advancing analytics at the speed of thought.
Analytics at the Speed ​​of Thinking BLU Acceleration and Advanced Data Warehousing Capabilities
Faster, more cost-effective queries Advanced data processing capabilities
Elevate your data handling capabilities for increased throughput and decreased database expenses.
Streamline database administration and developer tools for an enhanced experience in data design, modeling, migration, and transformation.
Provide unrestricted data access through IBM Mobile Database and IBM Mobile Database Sync.

IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition

IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition is a scalable RDBMS engineered to manage diverse workloads.
This enterprise-grade solution is architected to efficiently process the workload demands from SMEs to large-scale enterprises, facilitating significant reductions in database management overhead, storage provisioning, development cycles, and server infrastructure costs. Incorporating all the capabilities of the DB2 Workgroup Server Edition, it further provides sophisticated data management, highavailability options, disaster recovery mechanisms, and fortified security features, ensuring high throughput and exceptional operational efficiency.

Productivity Optimization

It automates administrative tasks and business policy upkeep to bolster IT productivity.Leveraging PL/SQL compatibility, it simplifies migration processes from Oracle databases using pre-existing skill sets.

Streamlined Data Handling

Supports PureXML, and Graph Store, increasing agility and enhancing integration, which accelerates the rollout of new applications.

Minimized Maintenance Downtime

Features high availability and disaster recovery options to mitigate both planned service interruptions and unforeseen outages.

DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition

IBM® DB2® Advanced Workgroup Server Edition is a comprehensive database solution tailored for mid-market and small enterprise environments.This solution delivers an integrated suite of data warehousing, transactional processing, and analytics capabilities, capped at 16 cores and 128GB of memory.It provides cutting-edge features for storage optimization, in-memory data processing, consistent system uptime, and sophisticated workload management utilities. Moreover, the solution ensures peak performance, actionable business intelligence, persistent system availability, and unwavering reliability at a cost-effective price point.DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition delivers these key features and advantages:

  • Enhanced application responsiveness and analytic functionalities to facilitate swift decision-making processes
  • Equipped with high availability and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Establishes a secure and adaptable infrastructure
  • Enables more efficient data linkage and accessibility
  • Boosts productivity and diminishes administrative burdens
IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition

IBM DB2 Workgroup Server Edition is a performant database platform designed for efficient relational data management.
Geared towards midsize business requirements, it can also serve as a departmental database solution within large enterprises.Beyond that, it offers sophisticated data governance, high-availability configurations, automation enhancements, and security provisions, guaranteeing excellent runtime performance and stability while optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Development Cost Savings

It maximizes operational efficiency by utilizing Time Travel Query and backup functionalities, leveraging temporal data, and reducing storage footprint.

Efficient XML Handling

Processes and manages XML data in its native hierarchical structure efficiently via the pureXML capability.

Database Maintenance Minimization

Features high availability and disaster recovery options to mitigate both planned service interruptions and unforeseen outages.

CDC - Product Overview

IBM InfoSphere® Data Replication - CDC (Change Data Capture) Replication is a highavailability replication solution that efficiently captures and propagates database change events as they occur, delivering these changes in real-time to target datastores, message queues, or into ETL workflows such as those managed by InfoSphere DataStage®, based onpre-configured mappings within its Management Console GUI. CDC Replication optimizes for minimal capture latency and is engineered to rapidly propagate data modifications, supporting a spectrum of data management initiatives, including realtime data warehousing, MDM (Master Data Management), application integration or migration projects, operational business intelligence, and services within an SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) framework. By replicating only delta changes, CDC Replication significantly cuts down on unnecessary data traffic and system overhead, contributing to leaner network utilization.The replication process can be executed in a continuous stream or on a batch schedule, adapting to diverse data delivery needs.Data captured from the source environment can undergo transformation or remapping processes to align with the schema or business logic of the destination systems.

CDC - Product Features

  • Minimal performance footprint
    Utilizes a non-intrusive, log-based change data capture methodology that operates independently of DBMS internals, such as triggers or APIs, thereby ensuring negligible performance impact on source systems.
  • Structural neutrality to operational systems
    Eliminates the requirement for additional Timestamp fields for transaction
    time-stamping and obviates the need for modifications to active application logic or database schema for capturing change data.

CDC –product composition

IRS - Product Overview

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication, formerly known as IBM InfoSphere Replication Server, facilitates the distribution, integration, and synchronization of diverse data sets across various systems, crucial for ensuring business continuity, optimizing workload distribution, and streamlining business integration workflows.This solution, known for its high availability, ensures that users and applications receive accurate and up-to-date information while reducing the load on essential application servers. The capabilities of the InfoSphere Replication Server encompass:

  • High-capacity replication with minimal latency - ensuring swift and efficient data access for users and applications
  • An asynchronous, log-based replication model - offering enhanced adaptability and expanded feature sets
  • Seamless integration capabilities with IBM and heterogeneous systems - augmenting current platforms and bolstering comprehensive information management strategies

IRS – 제품 특장점

Easy to use, centtalized platform

Gain visibility into the performance of your replication environment with central monitoring. Quickly perform deplayment and data integratiion processes using the simple grapheical user interface(GUI)

Continuous, trusted data delivery

to prevent costly downtime and productivity losses, software data can be synchronized between two systems to provide confinuousavaifability and data delivery to support critical business operations.

Increased business agility

Change data capture technology allows you to easily capture and deliver critical dynamic data throughout the enterprise enabling you to make proactive business decisions bassed on reievant events.

Reduced costs

By eliminating mutiple application instances on different system, databasses and operating system. infoSphere Data Replication helps to reduce maintenance costs.

IRS - Product Configuration

MQ - Product Features

IBM MQ facilitates the transmission of any data type as messages, empowering organizations to construct adaptable, reusable infrastructure patterns, such as SOA and microservices frameworks. It is engineered to be operational across a wide range of computing platforms, application landscapes, APIs, and communication protocols, ensuring the secure transit of messages. IBM MQ delivers a messaging layer that administers the flow and oversight of messages and data both internally within organizations and externally.

  • Offers a robust messaging integration backbone capable of servicing dynamic, crossplatform environments, extending from mainframes to mobile devices
  • Provides secure message conveyance with features that produce verifiable and auditable results
  • Ensures a once-and-only-once message delivery Quality of Service (QoS), crucial for maintaining communication integrity, regardless of application or system interruptions
  • Delivers messages with high-performance throughput, optimizing data transfer for speed and dependability
  • Supports application requirements with an architecture designed for both high availability and scalability
  • Introduces streamlined management utilities that reduce the complexity and time investment typically associated with intricate messaging tools
  • Incorporates open standard development kits to foster scalability and facilitate business expansion

MQ - Product Features

  • Proven messaging reliability
  • Environment-independent consistency
  • Easy and swift implementation
  • High-performance, high-capacity messaging
  • Scalable architecture
  • Messaging data integrity
  • Time-independent processing implementation
  • Versatility across diverse environments
  • Secure messaging
  • Traceability and audit convenience

MQ - Product Configuration

WAS - Product Overview

  • WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a middleware solution built on the J2EE framework and adheres to open industry standards.
  • It features high availability, scalability, and integrated management capabilities.
  • IBM WAS is the premier Java-based application platform in the e-business domain, centralizing enterprise-wide data and transactions.Each supported configuration not only enhances stable transaction management but also leverages automated computing concepts to smartly fulfill diverse client demands. IBM WAS ensures optimal availability and service quality through smart adaptive features such as self-protection and self-healing, even within the constraints of limited resources, and delivers superior performance architectures utilizing distributed caching with the In- Memory Data Grid.

WAS - Product Features

  • Streamlined application development and management
  • High availability options including multiserver support, dynamic caching, and clustering
  • Round-the-clock secure and adaptable operational environment
  • Commitment to public standards including web services
  • Improved system operation, business continuity, and stability
  • Optimized web application operations and advanced service foundations
  • System architecture designed for efficient operation and trusted reliability
  • Agile modification and recovery in response to business environment changes
  • Multiple pooling services for object and resource reuse
  • Dynamic caching capabilities accessible via simple configuration, eliminating the need for separate APIs
  • Asynchronous session replication that minimally impacts performance
  • Auto-analysis and selective execution of necessary application and server components
  • A centralized management server that oversees all functionalities within a distributed setup
  • Cluster-wide WAS setting adjustments via a single template modification
  • Consolidated management strategies for disparate administrative environments
  • Application version updates without service downtime
  • Configuration changes auto-persistence with administrative console manageability
  • Diagnostic tools for root cause analysis and troubleshooting
  • GUI-based integrated diagnostic tool for efficient problem resolution
  • Supports JAAS and J2EE Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies along with other security standards
  • Detailed role-based user management within the admin console

WAS - Product Configuration