Simpler is a premier universal IoT device solution that simplifies the deployment of IoT monitoring systems.
With T-Simpler, analog and digital data transmission is streamlined and expedited, with the added benefit of easily incorporating required features to achieve previously challenging service levels at the lowest cost.
T-Simpler has been field-tested in environmental monitoring and on-site industrial data transmission management, offering limitless scalability and agile customization to meet user specifications for the ideal system.
T-Simpler is currently deployed for server room monitoring and for capturing equipment measurement data, continuously integrating new expansion capabilities to lower CapEx and OpEx while enhancing usability and reliability.

Function & Features

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Maximization

Minimize installation and operational expenses, and mitigate losses associated with downtime, operational interruptions, and outages.

Equipment and Facility Availability and Management Enhancement

Advance the availability and management stability of equipment and facilities with automated anomaly detection and response mechanisms.

Unrestricted Expansion

Offers the ability to scale hardware and applications flexibly to accommodate evolving requirements and desired functionalities.

Anomaly Prediction

Leverage data analytics to proactively identify potential anomalies or specific states using historical data trends.

Optimized Resource Provisioning

Provide optimized functionality with minimalistic installations and streamlined operations, avoiding unnecessary cost or scale estimations.