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Network threats are evolving rapidly.
To ensure robust protection of enterprise networks, a need exists for a security solution featuring real-time threat detection, automated mitigation, and adaptive policy capabilities, all delivered at high speeds and with intelligent processing.
Juniper Networks' Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) responds to these challenges by scaling security policy enforcement across an entire network infrastructure, leveraging an open and integrated security platform.

Customers leveraging SDSN can optimize and reduce expenditures associated with safeguarding their corporate infrastructure against cyber threats.
SDSN integrates the entirety of a user's network into a unified domain, providing an end-to-end security platform that proactively identifies and mitigates threats in proximity to the infection vector, thereby strengthening the network’s security posture.

Major Security Product

Major Security Product Series - Service Gateways

Next-Generation Threat Prevention Firewall

Employs a platform renowned for exceptional scalability and robustness, enabling highperformance security through a unified approach to cyber threat intelligence.
The SRX Series Gateways redefine performance benchmarks with 100GbE connectivity and incorporate Express Path technology to provide up to 2 Tbps throughput for data centers
Security for Data Centers and Enterprise Edge of All Sizes

Security for Data Centers and Enterprise Edge of All Sizes

From all-in-one solutions to combined physical and virtual security networking appliances, as well as chassis-based data center solutions that deliver remarkable scalability, Juniper offers an extensive selection designed to secure enterprise data centers and service providers regardless of size.

Comprehensive Threat Defense

Provides layered security services that comprehensively shield both on-premises and cloud environments, delivering advanced defense mechanisms for both known and emerging threats.All SRX Series Gateways ensure broad protection for data centers or enterprise perimeters, backed by exceptional resilience, scalability, and system availability.

Maximum Performance and Scalability

Supports fast, secure, and highly available data center and enterprise edge operations with ultra-low latency throughput up to 1 Tbps, coupled with superior performance, scalability, extensive session handling, and flexible, largescale connectivity options.

Carrier-Grade Reliability

Ensures continuous operation through nondisruptive hardware and software upgrades, redundant system components, and carriergrade resilience features. High-end SRX Series Gateways provide 99.9999% reliability, facilitating continuous business operations and consistent application availability.

Carrier-Grade Reliability

Delivers rapid and efficient security service execution, even when deploying multiple services, thereby ensuring superior value. The system’s modular design supports scalability for future network expansion, safeguarding the long-term value of the investment.

cSRX Container Firewall

Next-Generation Threat Prevention Firewall

The cSRX offers advanced security services, including content security, AppSecure, and UTM (Unified Threat Management), within a containerized form factor. cSRX facilitates the deployment of nimble, high-density security services through minimal installation footprint and integration with Docker for container orchestration.

  • Delivers high-density security services for virtual environments and applications within a compact virtual appliance, minimizing footprint.
  • Deployable within Docker containers for ease of orchestration.
  • Supports deployments requiring rapid security service provisioning, with spin-up times under one second.
  • Integrates UTM, IPS, and AppSecure 2.0 NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) services into a comprehensive threat management framework.
  • Provides consistent, centralized policy management across both physical and virtual firewall deployments via Junos Space Security Director.
  • Offers a unified management console for consistent firewall policy administration across the vSRX and SRX Series platforms, integrated with Security Director.
  • Enables SDN and NFV capabilities through seamless integration with Contrail, OpenStack, and various third-party SDN solutions.

vSRX Virtual Firewall

High-performance NGFW for virtualized cloud infrastructures

vSRX delivers core firewall capabilities, advanced networking, sophisticated security features, and automated lifecycle management for enterprises and service providers

  • Compatible with VMware ESXi and KVM (CentOS, Ubuntu) environments, and facilitates orchestration with vRealize Orchestrator and OpenStack.
  • Offers scalable and robust protection in private, public, and hybrid clouds, capable of throughput up to 100Gbps (set for future enhancement), enabling extensive firewall security provisioning and elasticity for virtual environments serving high-bandwidth customers and applications.
  • Integrates a comprehensive threat management framework by combining UTM, IPS, and AppSecure 2.0 services within the NGFW ecosystem.
  • Employs Junos Space Virtual Director for VM lifecycle automation, spanning from deployment to decommissioning.
  • Endorses SDN and NFV integration with Contrail, OpenContrail, and third-party SDN
  • solutions for enhanced network flexibility and function virtualization.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

Cloud-hosted Advanced Malware Defense

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention is a synergistic cloud service coupled with Juniper SRX series firewalls, offering an adaptive anti-malware solution to combat the evolving cyber threat landscape.

  • Captures and relays infected files to the cloud for extensive forensic analysis and response Accelerates the identification process for known threats and conducts thorough file scrutiny, especially targeting covert malware, to implement effective countermeasures
  • Swiftly pinpoints and reports malware encounters to the SRX series firewall for immediate blocking of malicious ingress
  • Deploys sandboxing techniques to isolate and scrutinize advanced malware, facilitating proactive threat detection and remediation
  • Provides an intuitive web-based management interface for configuration, monitoring dashboards, and firmware updates
  • Leverages analytical and reporting tools to deliver actionable intelligence on inbound network threats and vulnerable hosts.
  • Incorporates Spotlight Secure to progressively disseminate threat intelligence, enabling the SRX series firewall to execute prompt protective measures
  • Feeds C&C communication data to the SRX series firewall, effectively severing connections from compromised internal systems to external networks
  • Configures real-time alerts from the SRX series firewall when internal hosts attempt to connect with compromised servers, thus providing significant insights into indicators of compromise within enterprise networks

MX Series

D Universal Edge Router

For a world that demands constant uptime and connectivity, the MX Series offers a portfolio of SDN-ready edge routers that deliver industryleading system capacity, density, and performance essential for enterprises, service providers, and cloud operators to stay ahead in the digital arena.

Service Agility

Enables a comprehensive range of services and applications for businesses, residential, infrastructure, and enterprise environments.

Carrier-Grade Architecture

Provides outstanding performance and reliability built upon the Junos® OS and the programmable Trio chipset.

Virtualization Features

Seamlessly integrates with burgeoning SDN and NFV ecosystems.

Unparalleled Resilience

Ensures uninterrupted service availability and sustains customer connections with non-stop availability and Quality of Service (QoS) assurances.