VMware Kubernetes(TKG)

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid


Emporwer your modern application with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

Streamline Kubernetes for Developers

Facilitate uniform Kubernetes operations across data centers, public clouds, and edge locations, ensuring a consistent and secure environment for all development teams.Maintain stringent workload isolation and security.

No work on the 1st and 2nd days

Provide a comprehensive, readily upgradable Kubernetes runtime with pre-configured and verified components.Deploy and expand any cluster without incurring downtime.Implement security updates expeditio

Embracing Open Source

Operate containerized applications on Kubernetes deployments that are certified and backed by the worldwide Kubernetes community.

Unmatched Scalability and Performance

Dependably deploy and manage containerized workloads across both private and public clouds.

Uniform Kubernetes Experience

Leverage existing data center tools and processes to offer developers secure, autonomous access to compliant Kubernetes clusters within the VMware private cloud, and extend the same uniform Kubernetes runtime to public cloud and edge environments.

Automated Multi-Cluster Management

Ease the management of extensive multi-cluster Kubernetes landscapes and ensure appropriate workload segregation. Automate lifecycle operations to minimize risk and concentrate on more strategic endeavors.

Validated Integrated Services

Facilitate the deployment and oversight of local and in-cluster platform services, such as logging, monitoring, networking, and storage solutions, streamlining the setup and maintenance of production-grade Kubernetes environments.

Comprehensive Enterprise Management

Minimize operational complexity with seamless integration into VMware Tanzu Mission Control as your Kubernetes infrastructure expands. Acquire comprehensive insight into teams, clusters, and workloads. Automate configuration and policy management across multiple regions

vSphere on Kubernetes Experience

VMware Cloud Foundation 4 스택의 일부로 제공되는 vSphere 7과 Kubernetes Experience 와의 긴밀한 통합을 통해 기업용 Kubernetes 운영 모델을 데이터 센터 및 클라우드 전반에 걸쳐 확장하십시오 .

Expert Support

Benefit from round-the-clock operational support provided by VMware Global Support Services. Leverage insights from the Kubernetes community and the expansive cloud-native landscape.