VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon


VMware® Horizon™ enables the streamlining of desktop and application management, concurrently fortifying security measures and control capabilities.
Furthermore, this solution empowers the provision of a tailored and enhanced desktopexperience to end-users, independent of session and device constraints.
Our desktop services deliver exceptional availability and agility, a stark contrast to traditional PCs, while concurrently offering the potential to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for desktops by as much as 50%.
End-users gain the liberty to access desktops across an expanded array of devices and locations, thereby markedly elevating productivity, whilst IT departments are afforded reinforced governance over policy frameworks.

Function & Features

Desktop and Application Delivery via a Unified Platform

The offering facilitates the transformation of static desktops into secure, on-demand virtual workspaces.

Data Security Maintenance and Compliance Simplification

The integration of control, provisioning, and safeguarding of end-user computing resources is realized through comprehensive management and automation tools.

Diverse and Adaptable User Environments

We deliver a consistent and superior end-user experience that transcends the limitations of device, location, media, or connectivity, catering not only to office personnel and mobile staff but also to 3D developers.

Dramatic ROI Enhancement

By dynamically allocating resources to virtual storage, compute, and networking, management overhead is reduced, leading to significant cost savings.

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